Our technology requires “line of sight” (LOS) to your location. When you Request a Free Site Evaluation, a map will appear that gives you the ability to move the pin on the exact spot of your location. The map is a guide only, subject to a free onsite inspection. The green area on the map indicates that we may be able to provide service to your location. We review the information provided by the interface and we sometimes know that service is not currently possible. If that happens, you will be notified by email (please check your spam folder).

When it appears possible we can provide service, the site evaluator will conduct an onsite visit for a visual inspection of your location. You do not need to be at home for this inspection. He may not necessarily make contact, unless access is restricted or other conditions require it. If he determines there is line of sight to your location, we will schedule the installation. Currently this process takes at least a week for the evaluation and installs may take another week or more (depending on demand and weather). For more about the installation process CLICK HERE